Friday, July 23, 2010


to rebecca:
blue eyes beholding what can't be seen,
teacher hands scooping up hope
so many can drink,
just to wander your summers --
just to wrap yourself in happy friends --
thank you.

to jen:
blue eyes seeing every tiny wrinkle,
mother hands fixing every manner of hurt
for two honey heads,
while planning for tomorrow --
while hoping for sunshine and family --
thank you.

to carly:
brown eyes dreaming candles and white,
missionary hands building a future home
for two ragamuffins,
full of faraway heart-calls --
full of music and light --
thank you.

to leah:
blue eyes watching life become real,
girlish hands striving and reaching out
to family and friends,
so genuinely alive --
so gifted with beauty and praise --
thank you.

to rhonda:
gray eyes filled with scars and stars,
purple-nailpolished hands
speaking love,
for glimpses into a world of watchers --
for blue blanket hugs and every precious memory --
thank you.

to emily:
blue eyes surveying a world of cares,
artist hands finding holes
to fill with grace,
weaving life-stories into triumph --
weaving canola fields into a home --
thank you.

to kristy:
blue eyes studying depth,
teacher hands marking the way
that must be followed,
still feeling baby softness in your prayers --
still waiting for that blessed hope --
thank you.

to virginia:
green eyes gazing down new roads,
counsellor hands itching to create
a life that satisfies,
making me remember --
making me watch and pray --
thank you.

to sherri:
brown eyes glancing at precious faces,
wife hands holding a daughter
and learning the balance,
always innocently loving --
always gifting this world with mercy --
thank you.

to dayna:
brown eyes seeking wisdom,
potter hands smoothing ugliness into beauty
for the love of your sons,
speaking truth that doesn't fade --
speaking grace and laughing faith --
thank you.

to lisa:
blue eyes seeing purpose and order,
chef hands spinning sugar into memories
that boast of love,
sharing time and strength --
sharing your most precious gift with me --
thank you.

to amanda:
brown eyes wishing for simplicity,
frugal hands sewing love
into your children's very being,
never is the road too steep --
never have you faltered long --
thank you.

to jessica:
hazel eyes cutting through the haze,
sister hands holding and knowing
without a doubt,
singing songs of childhood light --
singing to rid your world of fear --
thank you.


  1. i love your poetry. it sings to me.

    your friendship means everything ...

  2. I'm not good with words and to try and write something profound right now would be laughable compared to how well you write. So all I want to say is you are a true beauty, a gift from our Lord and one AWESOME friend. I look up to you and I love you! Thank you Lord for this wonderful gift you have given to me and many other people! You are a light in this world!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

  3. Bethanyie: I love you. Thank you for making me feel special.