Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ten o'clock waiting

it is ten o' clock.

my eyes blink hard with haze of hours.
my back aches tight from arms of children.
my mouth tastes old of decaf coffee.
my neck creaks stiff with bend of concentration.
my cheeks flush red with stare of sun,
with stare of heart-eyes.

they've been here,
asking and scrunching faces
and waiting and scrunching hearts

and i've been
and waiting
and writing
and hoping
and pleading heart-sick

for the Answer.

and i blush
and i believe
and i need to go to bed,
and i, i...

i'm not Home yet.


  1. i want to know what this means. i want to have tea with you. i hope you can link up with me tomorrow, for your poems deserve to be read by many. love you.

  2. hee hee... i guess it is pretty cryptic. it's about caring for five kids under six all day, then discussing Islam and Christianity on facebook all evening!