Tuesday, September 25, 2012


just read about a congregation that closed its food bank.
seems it had been attracting too many poor people;
made folks feel uncomfortable.  "social unrest", they called it.
they wanted to "focus on more church-specific activities".

as if you could get any more church-specific than feeding the poor.

now, before we get all in a huff about those evil people and their evil deeds,
let's ask ourselves:
what am i doing to feed the hungry?  to clothe the naked?
to show the devalued their inestimable worth?

"by their fruit you will know them."  what we do shows who we are.

here, that congregation's statement of belief:

5 Basic Principles of Unity

God is Absolute Good, everywhere evenly present
Many paths lead to the one loving God
Our essence is of God and therefore every human being is inherently good
Prayer and Meditation increases our awareness of our oneness with God
Knowing and understanding Unity Principles is not enough – we must also live the truth that we know

perhaps this congregation deserves our praise.

for ridding themselves of false modesty.
for de-cluttering their schedules to focus on what's important to them (ie. prayer and meditation).
for tearing the "christ-likeness" label off and throwing it away...
quick and without fuss, like a band-aid.

ginny owens has penned a song that shatters our quasi-religious illusions of grandeur.

could it be that she, being blind, has better eyes to see?
the fact remains:
never, until we feel our own weakness, will we lean on another for strength.
never, until we have cried out for grace, will we be compelled to give it.

here, emily's take.
here, the friends who gather at her place with imperfect prose.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


i'll sneak up into the closet
and hang clothes
blissfully alone
like rapunzel in her prince's tower
and hiding
from castle vermin below.

until the floor creaks.

that's when
i'll creep down to the basement
and fold clothes
stealthily alone
like castle vermin
listening to
and toiling for
those princes traipsing overhead.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


it always rains
on the first day of school.

rain makes me want to
run to you
bend down low
grab you by the hands
run home

lie together under a warm, wet sky
like laundry didn't matter

make a big pot of cream soup
scoop it into earthen bowls
feed you
in front of cartoons
under a blankie

why does it always rain
on the first day of school?

Monday, September 3, 2012

how shall i praise thee?

thou art in essence more than fields of lilies,
more beautiful to behold than rivers of moonlight,
sweeter than berries of the glade.

thou hast calmed this heart
and stilled this troubled mind.

without a word,
legions have fallen before thee;
thou hast saved mine ear -- nay, my very soul --
from all ravages of mankind.

i shall always be true to thee,
my darling,
my lovely...
my Call Display.

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