Monday, September 3, 2012

how shall i praise thee?

thou art in essence more than fields of lilies,
more beautiful to behold than rivers of moonlight,
sweeter than berries of the glade.

thou hast calmed this heart
and stilled this troubled mind.

without a word,
legions have fallen before thee;
thou hast saved mine ear -- nay, my very soul --
from all ravages of mankind.

i shall always be true to thee,
my darling,
my lovely...
my Call Display.

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  1. SO disappointing! aaaah! i was sitting here, reading this, imagining it being Jesus, and thinking, "wow! what imagery! yes, He's all that!" and then BAM - call disfreakingplay.

    but it's kinda true, too. ;)

  2. ringing without dread; i'm in love.