Saturday, November 26, 2011

in the dance

the poplars groaned even as they swayed;
leaves ablaze with sunset embers

and the hail fell hard upon seeds tucked deep
'neath heavy grey skies, rolling thunder

it turned my head and it grabbed my arms
and spun me 'round and 'round and 'round

it kissed me hard, the glory of
this clamour between life and death

and my steps fall weighty upon waiting earth
as i start to learn my part

in the dance

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

three years ago

i mailed my Christmas presents and
took my last Diclectin (hallelujah) and
shaved my legs and
fasted for thirteen hours (never do that) and
nearly passed out while Ms. Nurse-in-Training tried to find a vein and finally,
hugged a pillow while a big, fat needle penetrated my spine and
went numb from the transpyloric plane down.

the anesthetist surveyed her work and
the nurses counted tools and
i counted nurses (seven, but one was a guy) and
the doctors discussed decking and
then you came along,
peed on a nurse and
wouldn't shut up.

the snow started falling
and never let up.

you never let up, either, do you know that?
(you peed on your dad yesterday -- ON PURPOSE) they make epidurals for moms of three-year-olds?

taking a break over at emily's.

here's dad's take on the incident.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

oh, grate

noontime sun sparkles through champagne leaves,
runs a finger across filigree letters,
giggles at the door.

the Little Inn looks marvelous today,
dressed in her sunday best
and filling up with guests who impress.

"table for two?"
"we're with the party."
"ah, yes. right this way."

we stride across polished floors
to the room at the back, which glows at its hearth
like lipstick and silk scarves and well-kept shoes.

we sit amongst bookcases and lean upon pillows,
hug eternal blondes and ageless silvers,
inhale leather and cologne and a log gently burning.

just the kind of day to lose yourself in, so i do.
an hor d'oeuvre, a chuckle...
a sinking feeling.

my shoe is stuck in the grate. jammed right in.
suddenly, i'm the center of the party
as we all band together to save my clearance-shelf pump.

the very first time i ever wear heels.

fall in.
(why won't this format to the left? oh, well.)