Sunday, November 6, 2011

oh, grate

noontime sun sparkles through champagne leaves,
runs a finger across filigree letters,
giggles at the door.

the Little Inn looks marvelous today,
dressed in her sunday best
and filling up with guests who impress.

"table for two?"
"we're with the party."
"ah, yes. right this way."

we stride across polished floors
to the room at the back, which glows at its hearth
like lipstick and silk scarves and well-kept shoes.

we sit amongst bookcases and lean upon pillows,
hug eternal blondes and ageless silvers,
inhale leather and cologne and a log gently burning.

just the kind of day to lose yourself in, so i do.
an hor d'oeuvre, a chuckle...
a sinking feeling.

my shoe is stuck in the grate. jammed right in.
suddenly, i'm the center of the party
as we all band together to save my clearance-shelf pump.

the very first time i ever wear heels.

fall in.
(why won't this format to the left? oh, well.)


  1. this would happen, wouldn't it?? the same day you aerate the church lawn on your way over, slipping and sliding, and then stumbling into the foyer! (gracefully and sexy-ishly, of course!)

  2. I guess this means there needs to be a second time, right? ;)

  3. ...but did you ever look mawvellous dawling...

  4. that went in such a totally different direction than I thought it would – and it's an ending that just makes you smile from ear to ear – that's not just poetry – that's magic. I hearted that. LOTS!!

    It's been a while since I've commented – and I'm sorry. August and September – and losing Sara (@gitzengirl) it was really hard – and this last month I just regained footing – and I haven't been reading or commenting as I should – and I miss your words – simple – elegant – true. And I'm sorry for being gone so long. God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours Bethany Ann.

  5. i love you, Bethany Ann.
    i love this.

    and i never, ever wear heels anymore.
    except i just bought the palest pink wedges and they're so feminine and dainty (if my size 10s can be called dainty) and supposedly i hate pink.
    so there.

  6. (are you on facebook, then??? i'm misty green if you wanna look me up!!!)

  7. cool - now these poems are coming in pairs - your husband's take on these is cool too!

  8. just the kind of day to lose yourself in, so i do.

    i lost myself in the loveliness of this poem girl. so glad you got to go on a date. and that would happen, that heel getting stuck in a grate... (hence why i never wear pumps--plus, i don't think i'm classy enough to pull it off, but you most definitely are :))