Friday, April 22, 2011


fathers forgotten,
nation oppressed,
they built the empire
that broke their backs.

blood spilled,
filled the river
as mothers cried,
"deliver us!"



then, the deepest horror of all.

a choice:
obey, and your sons shall live.
refuse, and they will die.

a new ritual:
choose a lamb. nurture it, place your hands upon it...
kill it.
take it in.

innocent blood will mark your choice --
streaked across your doorposts, for all to see.

Yaweh swept through that night
as the Angel of Death.

passed over the humble,
gave grace to the repentant,
dealt misery to the hardened,
and freed all who obeyed.

all who sought refuge in the blood of the lamb.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

beyond Science

i keep hearing talk about Science hating God.
we've totally disproven Him -- at least had Him declawed.

nothing exists that can't be measured/tasted/smelled/heard/touched/seen
...except this very premise. that's the way it's always been.

miracles don't happen (except spontaneous life)!
we learned this fact when we decided faith in God ain't right.

we've drawn ourselves a life chart shaped like a giant tree.
one lucky little bugger gave rise to all we see!

but parallelisms! homoplasies! convergences galore!
our poor old Philogenic Tree is twisted, and what's more...

our stock is in mutations adding info to our genes.
and yet, increased complexity's a phenomenon not yet seen.

instead, we learn with Kondrashov: per person, per generation,
at least a hundred nucleotides are damaged by mutation.

we check the fossil record and find along the way
creatures more adaptable than ones living today!

but surely we have artifacts just filling our museums
displaying Evolution-Truth where everyone can see 'em?

alas, Lucy was a knuckle-walker who liked to hang from trees.
the advanced brain of Homo erectus helped him to traverse seas.

okay, we've made a few mistakes. but still, the concept's there.
just take a closer look outside -- Evolution's everywhere!!

birds evolved from dinosaurs. they now lack diaphragms.
-- how'd they breathe whilst learning flight? let's give those guys a hand!

flagellum spin as mini-motors thanks to complex coding (???).
giraffes have sponges in their brains to keep them from exploding (!!!).

bombardier beetles somehow learned to control their fiery blasts.
baby birds have an egg tooth that enables them to hatch.

sediment paraconformity. the Cambrian Explosion.
Earth's magnetic field (dwindling). the amount of salt in oceans...

soft-bodied fossils like jellyfish, polystrate tree trunks,
and seashells on mountaintops almost could debunk

all our Long-Age Theory. and who we gonna' call
to explain retrograde planets? -- comets still burning at all?

what of consciousness? charity? language? music in our souls?
Natural Selection hasn't offered answers for any of those.

perhaps we should change our model: an Orchard -- not a Tree --
planted here on this Young Earth to cause us all to see.

into the great beyond...