Saturday, August 27, 2011

giant maple

at eventide the old maple
sighed, stretching
shadow toes

i climbed that giant until
my own shadow
sprawled soft

and three dirty rascals
begged their way
to conquest:

whilst sunset crowned
the true champion
beneath our giant,

brian miller's post still has me thinking trees.
emily's been meditating about wheat.

Monday, August 22, 2011

when a tornado hits

there's nothing but wind --
wind and family,
rushing to the deepest places.

hold on tight
while everything else blows away.

as life returns to this town:
chopper blades and sirens,
generators and chainsaws

felling trees,
dropping our guard,
knocking down pretense.

step outside and meet the neighbours.
everybody needs
to see, to help, to know

pain and sadness,
and gladness,
as we become human again.

my sister and brother-in-law lost their apartment;
we lost our trampoline
and ate some hail.
here's the official scoop.

neighbours, gather at emily's

Thursday, August 11, 2011

dream chaser

if i were a dream chaser,
every year i'd see
rows of pre-planned holidays
circled red for me.

if i were a dream chaser,
from time to time i'd be
sipping an island mojito.
gulping a turquoise sea.

if i were a dream chaser,
i'd make my dreams get caught.
but here's the sad reality:
a dream chaser i'm not.

instead, i'm often close to home
with my family.
there always is a lot to do,
waiting for dreams to catch me.

they always come. never know when.
and never know quite how
my Lord will rain a dream upon
the place i'm at right now.

there's magic in this standing soft
and letting the wind blow.
the Spirit gives and takes away
until i truly know

that life and all its riches
are best shared along the way.
some dreams of mine will have to wait.
some come true every day.

waking up in a forest.

good, old-fashioned meals i didn't cook.

a four-year-old who played without toys all weekend long.

catch a dream.