Monday, August 22, 2011

when a tornado hits

there's nothing but wind --
wind and family,
rushing to the deepest places.

hold on tight
while everything else blows away.

as life returns to this town:
chopper blades and sirens,
generators and chainsaws

felling trees,
dropping our guard,
knocking down pretense.

step outside and meet the neighbours.
everybody needs
to see, to help, to know

pain and sadness,
and gladness,
as we become human again.

my sister and brother-in-law lost their apartment;
we lost our trampoline
and ate some hail.
here's the official scoop.

neighbours, gather at emily's


  1. yikes, glad you're okay. sorry about your sister's apartment.

  2. oh wow... oh, dear bethany, how fragile this life... i am so sorry to hear about jess' apartment :( but so relieved you are okay. i love you friend. please know this. i miss you like crazy.

  3. I saw one forming up...the power...

    that was deadly storm, be safe

  4. Sorry about the things you all lost, but I'm glad you're alive. I'll remember your family in my prayers.

  5.'re right. I can see how my post seemed to come along side glad you are ok. Sorry for your loss and your friends loss...saying a prayer for all of you.

  6. I'm so sorry for your loss, Bethany. I'm glad you're okay. May God be with you during this time of trial and distress.