Wednesday, November 16, 2011

three years ago

i mailed my Christmas presents and
took my last Diclectin (hallelujah) and
shaved my legs and
fasted for thirteen hours (never do that) and
nearly passed out while Ms. Nurse-in-Training tried to find a vein and finally,
hugged a pillow while a big, fat needle penetrated my spine and
went numb from the transpyloric plane down.

the anesthetist surveyed her work and
the nurses counted tools and
i counted nurses (seven, but one was a guy) and
the doctors discussed decking and
then you came along,
peed on a nurse and
wouldn't shut up.

the snow started falling
and never let up.

you never let up, either, do you know that?
(you peed on your dad yesterday -- ON PURPOSE) they make epidurals for moms of three-year-olds?

taking a break over at emily's.

here's dad's take on the incident.


  1. seven, but one was a guy...funny line

    I think there was standing room only when my first was born...everybody wanted to see "the show".

  2. nice kick and nice peeing on your dad - he peed on his parents more than once!

  3. and on the potatoes

  4. okay i seriously laughed out loud at this one... LOVE that he peed on dan on purpose... SO funny. our 2-year-old pooped in the tub tonight. that was fun. yes, let's invent an epidural for mothers of toddlers... amen sister. love you to the moon and back. xo