Thursday, July 22, 2010

searching the Face

You spoke in times past through the fathers.

You gasped newborn breath --
cried at the pain of using lungs --
suckled, slept
...through a baby boy.

You learned to roll over,
learned to crawl,
learned to walk --
tiny toes roughening with every step
...through a toddler.

who taught You to walk?
on water and into sickrooms,
beside funeral pyres and through deserts --
You stank of everything that soils a human's flesh
because You walked
...through a man.

and yet You changed everything:
water into meeting-ground,
sickrooms into holy ground.
funeral pyres emptied, deserts filled --
even human flesh is now different.
even glorified.

because of You,
the God-Man.

i have met You in Your Word,
in Your world,
in Your people --

You have begun the change in me --

how i long to meet You
face to face.

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  1. i went for a walk tonight and begged God to know him more... whatever it takes. a hard prayer. but made easier, knowing you're praying it with me. i loved this--thank you so much for linking your beautiful poetry tonight, friend. xo

  2. Exquisite prayer in a poetry form , a wonderful tone and lyrical wording. Tender, touching.

    came by from the canvaschild.

  3. I can tell you know Him intimately by your beautiful words. Thank you for sharing it with us.