Monday, July 19, 2010

introducing Five-Year-Old

this morning, i made breakfast for my three boys:
fruit smoothies
and peanut butter sandwiches topped with whipped cream.
that's right: Whipped Cream.

Five-Year-Old, arms crossed, scowled at his sandwich:
"there's no banana on it!"

this morning, we picked up our three boys from child minding:
a room full of babies
and little girls playing with pink toys.
that's right: Pink Toys.

Five-Year-Old, wrapped around us, pleaded to return:
"the puppets need us!"

this morning, we took our three boys to the park:
five Davidsons
clamouring to fill one teeter-totter.
that's right: All Five.

Five-Year-Old, holding tight to the sky, beamed:
"i'm loving this!"

this afternoon, we divvied up lunch into bowls for our three boys:
omelet, cottage cheese
and a spinach leaf.
that's right: Green Stuff.

Five-Year-Old, open-mouthed, watched a cartoon duck:
chewed and swallowed the vegetable without a word.

this afternoon, i tidied up while my three boys played:
filled the space behind the loveseat
with every toy and blanket they could find.
that's right: Every One.

Five-Year-Old, button-shirt stuck around neck, streamed tears:
"i was trying to have a pajama party!"

this evening, we tucked our three boys into bed:
softies, sippy cups, books
and freshly-shaken flashlights.
that's right: Battery-Free.

Five-Year-Old, all set for sleep, grinned a whisper:
"i could use a cuddle."

and, do you know what else?

yesterday, i sat at the table with my three boys:
they wanted to see pictures
of the aftermath in Haiti.
that's right: They Remembered.

Five-Year-Old, mind made up, informed me:
"you know that ten dollars i have in my jar? i want to send it to those people."

so, we'll make that happen,
and it will cause ten dollars' worth of change in this world,
and no one in Haiti will know who sent it.
but now you do.

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