Saturday, July 31, 2010

learning faith

"faith is atonement," said Abraham.
then he planted a tabernacle,
altar bloody and veil thick,
to teach us to yearn for Greater.

"faith is life," said Habakkuk.
then he planted fear in his heart,
knowledge of the Holy,
to teach us humility.

"faith is a Branch," said Yaweh.
then He planted the God-Man,
walking divinity,
to teach us how to walk straight.

"faith is a seed," said Jesus.
then He planted miracle-seeds,
deeds we could not do,
to teach us Whom to trust.

"faith is sacrifice," said Jesus.
then He planted Himself upon a cross,
the Lamb slain,
to teach us the sting of sin.

"faith is resurrection," said an angel.
then he planted himself upon a stone,
a useless, unsealed stone,
to teach us how to hope.

"faith is adoption," said Paul.
then he planted a thread,
from body of death to Spirit of life,
to teach us to cry, "Abba! Father!"

"faith is patient," said James.
then he planted perseverance,
amid trials and popular opinion,
to teach us loyalty to his Brother-Master.

that faith will lead us Home.

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