Thursday, July 15, 2010


air laughing,
table laden,
floor scurrying with children --
our children!
children who've sung
and given
and prayed
and listened
as we told the stories...

stories of Truth.

of the void
and of darkness,
of water
and of Light.

of fathers who walked hard
and of sons laid to rest,
of daughters who clave hard
and of mothers who laughed.

of water and of wine,
of fish and of bread.
of tables and of crumbs,
of grapes and of vines.

of temples and of whips.
of crowds and of stones.
of friends and of kisses.
of hills and of crosses.

torn veil!

people who died
for what they had seen,

stories of Truth.

we fill our bellies,
we pass the time.
we scoop up our children,
we drive them home.

how we long for Home.

we're not Home yet.

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