Monday, July 26, 2010

catching magic

this afternoon,
before supper,
our boy pushed the loveseat in front of the couch
to make a boat-bed
with a door on the side,
topped it with pillows, blankets, brothers,
and magic,
filled sippy cups with fresh water,
and called us adults over.
he wanted to have a party.

there we sat,
for just a few moments,
until suppertime,
when we all left the room,
each needing to prepare something or other.
i returned and tidied up,
removed the magic.
he returned and cried.
he wanted to have a party.

there we sat,
on the very un-magical couch,
and i comforted and encouraged
while he blinked and sniffed.
i'm sorry, i said,
we can fix this.
we will have a party after supper.
and that little magic spark started to catch.
he wanted to have a party,
and now, so did i.

this evening,
after supper,
we pushed the loveseat back in front of the couch.
there we sat,
watched him drink from his sippy cup,
prevented his baby brother from jumping off the back of the loveseat,
and had a party.
it wasn't much,
but it was full of magic.

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