Wednesday, September 29, 2010

answering emily

"you sounded sad.
everything okay?"
emily tapped on my heart today

and it's not that i'm sad,
but i find it strange
that traditions always take so long to change

why so many buildings
dividing our force?
why so few workers? why so many chores?

and why empty pews
every wednesday night?
why doctrinal, peripheral, preference fights?

but change is coming.
it's starting to start.
i see it in these words, straight from the heart:

"'if the Son makes you free,
you are free indeed!'"
jessica is learning to walk what she reads

"God gave me a thirst,
and i want it to grow!"
charlie will reap what leah now sows

"let's change the world.
where do we start?"
dan's friend dan is doing his part

and so many others
who know it is true
that what you believe is just what you do

i love them so much,
my dear family.
and the more we believe, the more you will see...

we're not Home yet.


  1. Ah. The strivings in churches. To believe and live like we believe that is the answer to this short earth journey.

  2. friend, i LOVE that you answered me through your prose. and i love love love the depth of your character. you are wounded by what wounds God. i have been asking him to bleed me this way too. i'm a bit afraid of the pain... but i take courage from you. love you so much.

  3. i can't say it any better than emily. yes. i want to bleed by what wounds him and see the world thru his eyes. sometimes it's scary and so many times i fail. i flail. this is perfectly imperfect (i hope that makes sense).

  4. "what you believe is just what you do" true that line is....this whole beautiful poem and answer to Emily is truly lovely!

  5. You have a beautiful heart for God. Thanks for blessing me with your words.

  6. "what you believe is what you do" amen.

    Just found this opportunity to participate in the offerings of the words HE gives and have been challenged by your words. thank you.

  7. maybe this is the best one? for today. ;)
    love you breathany!

  8. your words speak to me on so many levels. i'm wounded by the silly arguments and ways that pride and sin sneak in and destroy. we are the CHURCH! the bride of Christ, the physical extension of Christ. we should always extend love, mercy, grace, compassion and truth to those around us.

    this struck a nerve as today i learned that one of my friends(a believer) has caused another friend(not a believer) to feel unsafe. as believers, this should not be so! consequently, i'm examining myself, searching for errors in my beliefs and in my living out of my faith. there are many. God is searching and scouring my soul, causing me to then be holy, as He is holy. this righteousness through faith is a marvelous thing. can it be contagious?

  9. You ARE seeds. And new life will burst forth by His grace, as you walk with Him and worship Him in Spirit and truth.