Wednesday, September 15, 2010

sharing some gleanings

here, two days after my 30th birthday, is my least poetic offering to date.
take these tips for what they're worth.

rub your wet face up and down with your bare hands,
and you won't need to fork out money for soapy cream with gritty bits in it ("exfoliant").

(to girls:) waiting for someone to pursue you might seem risky,
but in the end, it'll land you a man who knows how to take the lead (a good thing!).

(also to girls:) if you shave with a fresh razor while you have goosebumps,
you'll stay smooth a day longer (i learned this from my sister).

peanut butter:
get used to the just-peanuts kind
and ditch a lotta junk from your mornings (and, if you're like me, your afternoons, evenings...)

saving sex for marriage makes it a big, precious, exciting deal.
but don't forget that it can also be plain ol' relaxing, too.

strengthen your core like a madwoman,
and the last two trimesters won't make you wish for a walking epidural.

if someone tells you that she had one,
ask her, "how do you feel about that?"

sleep training:
if you enjoy cuddling your kid to sleep each night,
for pete's sake, keep doing it.

if it doesn't hurt you more than it hurts them, you're probably doing it wrong.
it's about producing godly character, not making your life easier.

the Kingdom:
"child-like faith" does not equate to "blind faith".
from watching my kids and reading the Bible, i'm guessing it means "faith that produces action".

bethany ann

p.s. get ready for some imperfect prose!


  1. skincare: wet, slobbery toddler kisses does the job.:)
    shaving: if you have the chance to shave every couple weeks after you've had kids, it's a blessing.
    Peanut-butter: Why, oh WHY is the "just-peanuts" kind more expensive if it's less ingredients?
    c-sections: some women have them, some women don't. Don't make women feel bad for the way they birth their babies. Actually, don't make women feel bad if they have an epidural or they don't, or if they nurse or feed their baby formula. We ALL want the best for our kids.
    Sleep-training: none required. Once your child finally sleeps well, you'll be so tired, you won't need any training at all.
    Discipline: that yucky feeling that we moms get when we are telling ourselves our children need it, while at the same time we are crying and praying to God for strength to do it.

  2. these little tidbits...intimacy is important to marriage...wonder if that shave trick works on men...might have to try that...and i find faith often leads to action...

  3. I just loved this! Thank you.:)
    I shop at a store that grins the peanuts into the container for ya and it makes the BEST PB& J. . .

  4. what a fun and true list, and as a new=to-30 as well i wholeheartedly agree w/ all of them! except i don't actually wash my face other than a shower (so loving the toddler kiss regime!).
    happy belated bday!

  5. Great list, and very wise! :)

  6. happy birthday! i liked your list. :) your thoughts on discipline and faith were especially thought provoking. i hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  7. Shaving...thanks for the tip!!
    Pregnancy...i agree, a strong core is really help ful! I've had 2 kids and both times made sure my core was strong!
    and the Kingdom....AMEN!
    thanks for the list :)

  8. oh this is great, bethany. refreshing and honest and true. i love the lines about discipline especially... YES! and i didn't know that about the fresh razor and goosebumps. you are wise friend. love you.

  9. This made me smile! (And I learned some things, too!)

  10. Bethany this is so wonderful...all your little bits of wisdom you have gathered in your 30 year journey are precious and so true! :-)