Saturday, September 25, 2010

learning to be Mom

they say my love's not fickle.
they say my heart is true.
they say there isn't anything
i wouldn't do for you.

a mother's touch is soft, they say,
her eyes are always bright.
she'd throw away her days
to sit and watch you through the night.

it's true, i've never loved so sweet
and yes, my whole life changed
the second your lungs filled with air,
the moment you filled my gaze.

but child, you and your brothers are
a telling lot to me.
you rip apart my insides
and lay them out for us to see.

laziness here, impatience there,
selfishness all around.
so many words i've said when there
should not have been a sound.

you drop your stew. you fling your cup.
you squeeze the cat with vigour.
sometimes, when i pick you up,
you bite me on the finger.

you run to mischief. dance at midnight.
fall asleep in your supper.
you laugh at the corner i've put you in
for throwing all the Tupper-

ware and everyone who knows me
knows i'm cranky when i'm tired.
i know that this is good for me,
that this is how you're wired...

and so, i pray for mercy
as i chase you through each day:
that i'll grow up before you do,
that we'll learn to obey.

then, tiny rainboots run to me
and little hands lift up,
and as i warm them on my face,
our Father fills my cup.

going over to emily's to share a cuppa...


  1. Such a great poem, and I can totally relate...:) I love my children, but i get so angry at myself for being cranky, losing my patience, and forgetting to just "love my children".

  2. **smiles** Such true words for me as well!! I love the picture at the end!:)

  3. aw :) i love when you include photos. but it makes me miss you. and yes, i know this being ripped out from the inside... it hurts, and yet, makes way for his love...

  4. I pray for mercy too. I hate to see my insides worn by my children, and you write it so beautifully and truly.
    I adore visiting here.

  5. somehow, this may be the best one!
    well, not really, they're all amazing.
    but today, this is the best one.

  6. you sounded sad today in your comment... everything okay? i love you.

  7. The last lines made everything all right - and that's the way of mother-child love, isn't it? I loved that part of the prayer was:

    that i'll grow up before you do,
    that we'll learn to obey.

    You are wise!

  8. having two boys...and one seeming to find his own in kgarten this year...i need that grace more than ever...growing...nice verse....

  9. i don't know why you haven't been showing up in my reader, so i'm just reading this today, but yes yes yes. this poem!!!!
    oh, man, do they try me and i adore them w/ everything inside and out, but they turn me inside and out!! :)