Tuesday, September 7, 2010


six filmy walls
sighing with the breeze

and here, within
is everything:

all our hopes and dreams and plans and prayers
all our deepest questions yet to be answered
the best secrets we've ever been told
the true stories we've started to learn
all we wish for this world
the best of me
the worst of me
and the small space between

oh, how our stars twinkle!

and on the other side
is everything else:

the campfire smouldering against the dark
the neighbourhood of flat lawns and boulevards
people doing whatever it is they do on labour day
all i fear is wrong with this world
all i know is right
all the adventures we will ever have
all the bullies we will ever face
and the small space between

and oh, the stars twinkle!

and our stars breathe lightly
as our six walls sway

and we sigh deep
then maybe, we'll sleep.

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  1. I love this! Since I'm in the process of moving, it really rings true.
    You are such a talented writer. really.

  2. i love the justaposition of the inside/outside! and the space between. and the stars. love the stars.
    love your writing here.

  3. as our six walls sway...

    i agree with joann, girl. you are so talented. it is so easy to read, and yet, so beautiful... i wish i could go camping with you. i miss the stars. i miss you. xo