Tuesday, September 14, 2010

awakening impossibilities

i just walked next door
to the building, empty on a tuesday
where sermons are spoken on sundays

i unlocked the door, went inside
found paper, a pen and two chairs
and sat down to cry

and sorrow gushed out
as questions filled paper
and silence filled the church

then the lady next to me began
to cry and to pray
and to preach

for mothers, elders, children --
lonely, tormented, abused --
needing faith, hope, love -- impossibilities.

"the world is no friend of grace," said she,
tracing the spot where she'd written the name,
"Richard Dawkins," another impossibility

and she led my heart to love
and she led my prayers to hope
and together, we asked in faith

because God has shown us
a universe, created;
Himself, wrapped in flesh

we have faith that is founded in reason
and faith is substance
and so faith began in that empty church this morning

as our prayers turned us
toward a God who delights to be asked,
freed to do the impossible

first, in us

then, with us


  1. my husband is a huge RD fan. my husband loves reason and logic and science and intelligence, and he's begun worshipping them over faith and hope and belief, and yes, even God lately.
    my heart has broken many times over this new discrepancy in our married life, and i finally broke down and told a girlfriend this past weekend. he had a meeting w/ a gnostic/intelligent spouting "believer" (NOT a believer!) on saturday morning, earlier than he normally gets up. i was the one who awakened to his alarm, i woke him up, he rolled over. agian, i woke up to the snooze, he rolled over. i slept thru the 3rd alarm. my husband didn't go to that meeting, and my friend and i laughed at our god's funny humor in answering prayer so silently, but quickly. :)
    i love this poem today b/cs i relate to it so much.

  2. gotta love ladies' prayer meeting.
    but it makes me sad, too, cuz there's a major need for prayer and answered prayer. but so glad that our God answers!

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