Monday, October 4, 2010

castle news

three beds topped warm with rumpled fleece and limb-flung princes,
breathing gently;
two counters toppling high with backpacks, lunch sacks and sippy cups,
drying sticky;
one hallway strung with bathing suits and little sandals,
chilled and soppy.

one cinderella in slippered feet moving among the messes -- all for those boys,
all for them;
one handsome prince pacing green, grassy lines in front of his childhood home
(yes, in the dark);
two bodies swaying tired, plodding toward the nine o' clock finish line
of today.

a mental tally:
one little pair of ice skates, wiped dry.
two pairs of school shoes, tossed to the mat.
friend's apartment, scrubbed hard.
grocery store receipt, stuffed into purse.
swimming lessons, aced.
dad's lawn, cut.
showers all around.

our losses:
one nap, missed;
one china saucer, shattered;
one yogurt tub, busted;
one punch to the face in the pharmacy aisle
(although i dealt with that one really well, so it's not actually a loss);
three small sets of teeth, unbrushed.

all in all:
one Kingdom, advancing.

nobles and peasants, we:


  1. lol... oh, bethany, i was caught up in the profundity of your poetry, the beauty of your cinderella story, and then i got to the bit about the punch in the face :) this is it, isn't it? motherhood. and it's a sweet, sweet ride. love you so much friend.

  2. there are not enough words for how much i love this little poem! i want to say YES, i know that too! a princes and hr boys. yes

  3. you are hilarious and this is so fun. I totally relate...especially to the one punch to the face.

    The end though? I needed that reminder.
    One kingdom, advancing.

    Thank goodness our work is not in vain.

  4. one little life at a time...i think your goods outwieghed the others...nice.

  5. That's what it is all about, isn't it? The Kingdom amidst the chaos.

  6. This is FANTASTIC! I love that this post made my want to cry and laugh out loud (which I did) all at once. This is so reflective of parenthood - the crazy, sloppy, tiring parts but also the beauty and laughter and the weighty importance of it all. Beautiful all around.

  7. Wow! What a tally, what energy! May God always strengthen you.

  8. Yes, the kingdom advances, one busted yogurt tub and one punch in the stomach at a time! This was great. Thanks for stopping by my place. Blessings.

  9. I so love this review of a day well spent!

  10. So many treasured moments in simple acts, that is where true beauty lives -- in motherhood,

    Nice account for imperfect prose,