Sunday, October 24, 2010

the bubblegum preacher

missionaries came to town today,
with shells and teeth and books.
they scattered them 'cross folding tables
so we could have a look.

we asked them lots of questions and
they shared with us their hearts.
with power point and words in red,
they urged us to take part.

such a monumental task:
to reach this whole wide world,
to see the banner of the cross
from sea to sea unfurled.

and all this talk of going forth,
fields white and labourers few
left me feeling very small,
not knowing what to do.

then, as i headed for the door,
i turned in time to see
a little girl from sunday school
looking up at me.

"do you want a piece of gum?"
she asked with blue eyes grand.
she then proceeded to lavish me
with what was in her hand.

her very own treasure, paper-wrapped,
the brightest shade of blue:
three-quarters of a cubic inch
of cotton candy goo.

i popped the morsel in my mouth
and suddenly understood
the child-like faith it takes to share
a gift that's oh so good...

when you've got something wonderful,
sweetness that's true-blue,
all you need to do is ask
a friend to taste it, too.


  1. PERFECT. i remember feeling small, helpless. i remember being a shy shy thing at 8 when i got fear-saved and felt guilty for the next 4 yrs wondering if i was still going to hell b/cs i hadn't told one single person that i had become a christian.
    bubblegum faith. i love it. just grace, grace to give, grace to recieve.

  2. smiles. great post/poem...just taste and seems huge but then a child stands up to show the way....

  3. Oh this made my heart do a happy dance! Love it!

  4. that's great. what a fun way to see such joy in life.

  5. oh wow!
    "all you need to do is ask
    a friend to taste it, too"
    I love this line
    I think this made my day :)

    This is so true! i love visiting here. I love that you see missions as being everywhere, in cotton candy gum. Me too! me too!

  7. yay, you're back! and your poetry... how do you do it? how do you put life into such beautiful rhyme? i'm in awe... and that you have eyes to see God in a piece of gum. i love you.

  8. i read this piece when you first wrote it and again today with imperfect prose. both readings captivated me. to share my faith, so easily so prettily,like sharing my favourite goodie. thank you. :)

  9. i'm crying, beh! it's really truth- and emotion-packed.