Tuesday, February 22, 2011

winter toes (for ruthiey)

good morning, toes!

you're looking very "Temperamental" today.

(as are twenty of my thirty little piggies,
but that's our secret)

now, where are my slippers?

peek at ruthiey's raspberry toes here.


  1. quality...especially the 20 little piggies part ;)

  2. I love it!! Thank you so much! Painted toenails make me so ready for spring and your blog background makes me feel like... maybe it will be spring soon and there will be dandelions again!

  3. i heart red toenails. i heart that yours is called tempermental. one of my fave poems i ever wrote referenced my 'jezebel' toes. yes, red. and i paint my boys' toes (and nails!) frequently. they love it. daddy doesn't. (do you have 3 boys, then?) this is such a sweet, sweet piece!

  4. I can tell by the toe ring and polish that we share more than a gel pen sisterhood :) Mine are navy blue