Friday, February 18, 2011

snow castle

there's what's left of our snow castle --
that dirty pile the plow made
beside the parking lot next door.

we would bundle,
round the corner,
follow the prints out back,

find adventure.
awaken this dragon,
transform me into a princess.

every time i went up,
i worked on the stairs
so you three could follow.

on the top
we drank blue-gold sky,
hid from car lights.

every time i went down,
you took your turns
hugging me on our sled.

i don't care that it's melting.
my memories won't.
we'll build again next winter.


  1. okay, well this is sweet too, so don't freak out! I liked them both!

  2. I love this, especially the last verse. Seasons change, but memories are eternal. At least the good ones :)