Monday, February 14, 2011

unfolding valentines

never cared much for valentine's day.
come on -- it's just another way
to push long-stemmed roses,
pink bears with red toeses
and chocolates arrayed in a heart-shaped tray.

thirty-five years ago today,
a girl and a guy i know made their way
from the aisle at a church
to the end of their search
for a home of their own, a place to stay.

twenty-nine years later -- the twelfth of may --
their very first grandson came to play.
but when school time drew nigh,
the boy started to cry
as from rooms full of people, he shied away.

then along came the time for all to say,
"will you be mine? happy valentine's day!"
a bag of paper hearts
helped the boy to start
unfolding in friendship -- come what may.

now i sit here and type in my way.
i look at those paper hearts, and i pray,
"thank You, God, for my boy,
for our home filled with joy,
and yes, thanks especially for valentine's day!"


  1. Valentine's Day is often depicted as a money-making, materialistic holiday. I like how you depict it as an opportunity for thankfulness.

  2. I think Valentine's Day is for family, and especially cute little boys.

  3. Sweet and tender, your boy learning new ways to make friends and you get to rejoice.