Saturday, February 5, 2011


seeking solidarity
pilfering economy
pilandering ecstasy
philosophising "immortality"

men in prison, enthroned

hovering light
creating sight
owning right
reclaiming night

God-from-stable, entombed

"come and worship,
come and worship,
worship Christ, the newborn King"

and i will

come to emily's


  1. Hi Bethany Ann! I had to read this a couple of times. Each time it opened up a little more.
    1) "men in prison, enthroned" What a great picture of us, fallen humanity, sitting on our own pedestals but all the time imprisoned.
    2)"hovering light creating sight owning right reclaiming night" oh glory my Savior is beautiful! Oh how I love this description of Him. Owning right and reclaiming night. This makes my heart leap! thank you. i will worship with you.

  2. dear friend,

    I love your poetry if I didn't already tell you. I love how deep and yet down-to-earth it is, like this one, all at the same time:) Makes me think that's what you are like and you know that's a really wonderful place to be:) makes me think of my mama:)...NOT that you feel like my mama but that this is how she was;)

  3. Amen,and right beside you sister.

  4. night made right... there is SUCH light here in this place, dear bethany... and you wrote this, amidst a home of sniffling boys and cabin fever? how he speaks through you. how i love you.

  5. You wrote this amongst a germy maelstrom! Bravo. My poetry usually falls pretty flat on sick days at our house. Nice piece

  6. This sure does bring it back to the basics! So many ideas, so much going on... all that matters is the worship.

  7. so easily I lose sight that our earthly ideals are a prison and that only through the Son can we find freedom. I will go along with you to worship. :)