Monday, February 21, 2011

redemption's journey (for misty)

my friend spoke to me
of beige places as maps --
maps tracing toddler discovery

and if so, then oh my,
my world is full,
full of maps

over the cupboards and
up the stairs and
across light switches, door knobs, khakis

each new mark
closer to the ceiling
than the last

...and of redemption's journey,
mapped out by the marks
of my struggles, and i pray:

may each new mark be
closer to the ceiling
than the last.

she spoke here.

there are many others here.


  1. you are beautiful. i, too, pray that my marks reach higher and higher. he is so good to continue to draw us/draw us in, isn't he?! love this, and thanks for the hat-tip. :)

  2. smiles. love the analogy of the growth marks of children...ours are inside the closet in the living room...and yeah i hope mine keep going up...

  3. I really enjoyed reading this Bethany Ann. Especially the last line.

  4. It took me a few reads to understand the beige marks, (sometimes I'm slow) but I get it and I love it. Smudges as signs of growth not dirt but something far better, discovery. Thanks Bethany Ann.

  5. oh bethany... i pray this too. may our marks reach higher and higher, friend.... (how i love you)

  6. A beautiful journey,and nothing can compare to it in a mother's world. Thank you.