Thursday, August 26, 2010

quoting Three-year-old

today we goed at a hike.
we drived over here, right?
on da road, on da road, on da road,
going going going going going,
and corn,
den we got dere!

on the rocks,
we hiked.
we walked in da woods
and we goed on a tree.

then we goed to da water.
we goed and tried and fish for fish.
we goed near da water,
and took my cwoes off.
my unnerwear, unner my pants --
i didn't take my unnerwear off.
i not sure.
i weaved dem on.
and we goed in da water!

we goed back.
we goed home, right?

 that's what i call "imperfect prose"!


  1. haha. this was awesome...and brough back great memories of my boys..."and corn"...i laughed out loud....nice.

  2. Wonderful. I love the singsong talk of babies who are learning to use their tongues. I think there should be a book of preschooler poetry. I would read it.
    Love this!

  3. YES!!!!!!!!!! oh, this is perfect! i loved every line... i can't wait till my aiden can tell me stories like this. ((i love your boys, too)) hugging you tight, friend. xo

  4. No one could have said it better!!!

  5. i love toddler/little child talk! i'm torn between correcting and enjoying their speech. :) my oldest has lost all trace of her lisp, but i can still mimic it almost perfectly. child speech has its own beauty.