Wednesday, August 4, 2010

in a new light

cheap pigment sat hard in plastic trays
as little brothers dipped imagination into water.
"swirl, swirl, swirl" we said, and water softened paint
and paint stained brushes
as brushes wiggled a rainbow dance.
and little fingers learned gentleness
and little minds learned art
as we turned red, yellow, blue
into orange, green, purple.
and mommy learned gentleness
as mommy taught art
and a family saw cheap pigment in a new light.

baby girl sat soft in dusty sand
as her sometimes-brothers dipped bravery into water.
"rain, rain, rain" we cried, and light shone from diamonds
as diamonds became lake
and lake became gray sky.
and dancing rippled across the shore
and skin shivered gladness
as thunder echoed distant
and lifeguards emptied lake.
and babies squealed delight into mommy arms
as mommies delighted at squealing babies
and a family saw gray in a new light.

find more diamonds at emily's place:


  1. oh i like this a lot. i think you should link it up to imperfect prose. love you.

  2. hello . memories made here in paint and water

  3. The tender, nurturing love of both mother and heavenly Father are palpable in your poem. Makes me want to look closer at small things. Thank you.

  4. this is lovely - lots of beautiful lines - my favorites are... and little fingers learned gentleness, and little minds learned art...

  5. Your lines are lyrical... beautifully written.

  6. I agree with Manda, such lovely lyrical prose! I love your style!

  7. i love that you linked up, friend. xo

  8. holy moly, you've got skills! Those are beautiful words for a beautiful activity. Watercolors are my favorite.

  9. Beautiful, so glad you posted with Emilys link. Loved reading this poem