Sunday, August 22, 2010

i'm for you

hey you,
whistling through the kitchen window at me in my pj's
i know that whistle
it's belonged to me for nearly a decade

hey you,
remember that weekend playing spoons and sledding
you know that wipeout
was totally on purpose and i still wanna spill with you

hey you,
slamming that basketball under the parking lot light
i know that footwork
you can't dance until you're on some kind of court

hey you,
remember those little boys you taught to hack
you know you loved it
that was one of the ways you grabbed me

hey you,
loving on your family with all your might
i know you're tired
your true self shows when you're worn and it's good

hey you,
remember that first kiss in front of, like, everyone
you know it was awkward
a lot of our love has been that way but we're learning

hey you,
i'm for you.


  1. this is precious and sweet. there is nothing like the love of a worn-out husband loving on his kids and wrestling them and letting them win and then catching your eye across the room. nothing. :)
    and i love that you tell your story in so few words. beautiful!

  2. beautiful!
    Dan's shape on the towel looks like cartoon legs!! Sorry Dan!:)