Friday, August 27, 2010

growth in brokenness

like now-times,
i can't feel it
don't want it
won't have it

but then,
crack me open,
with a poem
or a glance in the mirror
at wet-on-skin

pain i caused myself
by hurting another,
wounds i inflicted,
pride i crushed,

the everything i'm not

by the hand of God

and i feel it
and i want it
and i have it
and i've needed it

and these eyes
look back at themselves,
and underneath
the hull of hollow
is a green of growth

and beneath the shell of hard
is a sprout of soft,
and i know
that i know,
and i'm okay.


  1. This makes me miss you fiercely.

    (Sophina is a pseudonym... it's really Tanya Sullivan, former college roommate and forever friend)

  2. YAY!
    underneath the hull of hollow is a green of growth!

  3. beauty has a way of cracking us open, doesn't it? well, that and motherhood! :)
    this is beautiful and full.

  4. hull of hollow...

    i feel this deep.

    in your pain you split open beauty.

    love you, friend.

  5. I get this and it is full of truth. That's life, always learning and then learning even more when were humble.