Wednesday, August 18, 2010

finding Caiaphas

bones -- cry out.
Caiaphas -- witness.
shake the dust and
speak the Truth.

dry, hard, dead -- enliven us,
rip off our blinders,
help us to see

washed linen, filthy.
leather straps, rotten.
holy scrolls, burned.
majestic temple, destroyed.

Law fulfilled. duties overtaken. sacrifices null. veil torn.

your righteousness, inadequate.
your cover, blown.
your enemy, risen.
the grave, conquered.

bones -- speak!!

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  1. mmm....the grave conquered...truth to be inscribed on our hearts...

    i have a poster of this image...the veil torn and it all nailed to the cross...

    beautiful prose.

  2. bones speak! yes!
    ..... and they will even if our tongues refuse. what a powerful and evocative message in such simple lines. thank you for sharing at emily's!!

  3. oh yes - bones CAN speak - and you spoke for them through your prose

  4. I'm so glad be there through Emily.
    just wow.

    (i'm going to read your archived posts no doubt if that's okay)

  5. yes! speak! oh, bethany, you show me the heart of Christ...

  6. OH so beautiful! You are a gifted writer! Thanks for sharing!!!