Sunday, November 28, 2010


if there had been no mother
in all your childhood days,
who would you look to for the grace
of teaching you her ways?

if there had been no father,
no tender, calloused touch
upon the pictures of your life,
would you look at them much?

if no one knelt beside the tub
while on her arm you leaned
to trickle water down your hair,
would you care to be clean?

if no dad stood with open glove
to catch your first t-ball,
would you stand a sporting chance
of shaking off a fall?

if you had no mother
to stroke your face at night,
would you know how to fall asleep
under soft moonlight?

if you had no father,
would you be afraid to dream?
with no one stronger by your side
to hush your fevered screams?

if you have a mother,
please pass her loving down.
just hold a hand, the way she did
when worries made you frown.

and if you have a father,
you've got a job to do.
the world's in need of helping hands
and strength to listen, too.

(thanks, mom and dad, for loving me.)

children, gather here:


  1. we have such a need - thanks guys. :)

  2. If you have no mother or father who has done this . . . you learn (slowly) how God fills the void and IS the father to the fatherless.


  3. beautiful friend... i still miss my mother stroking my face at night as i fall asleep. there are some things that never leave us. you mother so well. i love you!

  4. This is lovely and inspiring. And yet, it makes my heart break for the many people who have in fact learned those lessons and achieved those achievements without a mother or father to help them on their way.