Tuesday, December 7, 2010

coming down with something

with flushed face
i cheered my kindergarteners --
paddling pool water in ecstasy

with shaking hands
i held my toddler steady --
climbing plastic rungs with abandon

with heavy arms
i wrapped my sometimes-daughter in a towel --
tasting shea butter lotion like a connoisseur

flesh strangely warm,
back slightly stooped,
voice a little shaky...

shutting doors against winter's storm,
wiping and kissing rounded cheeks,
singing songs...

and they prayed for me,
those precious souls

and i longed to kiss my husband

for grasping my hand while he drove,
for feeding me slices of clementine
and rubbing my back while shepherd's pie baked

we laid on the couch
and finished a movie
(our third installment -- that's the way it is around here)

and i let the housework slide
while i felt the ache
on the outside. just the shell of me.

i feel great.

chicken soup for the proverbial soul: http://canvaschild.blogspot.com/


  1. yeah, they're good aren't they? :) those little kids and that manly man.

  2. how sweet...'chicken soup for the proverbial soul'...love it...

    and amen to hubbies like this...so, so blessed!

    me too!

  3. you have such strength of character, hon. i've been sick all week too, but my spirit has been too. i need to somehow separate them. to keep my insides from getting infected. i love the picture i get of him feeding you clementines, and of the children, praying for you. this is the Body, no? xo (just so you know, this was the final imperfect prose until the new year. merry christmas!)