Thursday, November 4, 2010

a different kind of darkness

silk tie adjusted around neck
leather shoes tied snugly

crouching in hiding
under fluorescent light

mouse pointer taking aim
right hand pulling the trigger

credit card number prostituted
memory raped

it's a different kind of darkness.

ninety-dollar hoodie over cap askew
size-thirteens measuring sidewalk

pace quickening
as fluorescent lights buzz orange

right hand tossing bottle to the curb
sweat beads worsening the chill

memory molested
body shaking in fear

it's a different kind of darkness.


  1. well, i don't know where this came from, Bethany, but i like it.

  2. oh, girl, you see them. the shadows. and you love, with his love. thank you, on behalf of them. thank you. xo

  3. Good point - I wonder if it goes both ways? Is there light in both these stories too, or am I hoping too much?