Wednesday, June 1, 2011

this is my life (for dan)

i hung with a librarian today;
she proctored my exam.

i took my mom out for lunch today;
i'll never stop owing her.

dialogued with the Artist of the Year; a philospher-king student-professor...
did you know modern-day medical students are taking Ritalin?

talked with a convicted felon today;
he's a pretty good guy *.

listened to a few maniacs today;
boy, do they have a lot to say.

my best buddy ** was hungry;
he ate one of the burgers my wife made.

my other best buddy feels sad;
he's borrowing my bike for the night.

cleaned an apartment with, golfed the links with,
fell asleep tucking in each of my boys.

kissed my wife today;
watched a movie on the couch together.

Blogger offered me three sign-in options:
"male", "female" or "other".

this is my life.

* here's another pretty good guy
** he's the convicted felon


  1. I want to wield words like you! You never waste any, and you pack a big punch. I loved it.

  2. "he's a pretty good guy" hey that's my tag line, but I stole it anyway...

    Strong poem BA.

  3. Love the link to Ollie's blog as well as the randomness of this day in the life. :)

  4. this is so great... i agree with ostriches. you are brilliant, bethany. come visit me, okay? :) (my favorite part was when he fell asleep tucking in his boys...)