Wednesday, March 9, 2011

two sisters (for jeh)

i have a little sister...
she likes the colour red.
this should tell all you need
to know about her head.

i don't mean her hair colour,
for that is blond enough.
i just mean the way she thinks --
her attitudes 'n' stuff.

she is ever passionate
(such a good thing when she's wise)!
she can sometimes make me cringe
and sometimes roll my eyes.

truly, i am stubborn, too
(you must know that by now.
but if you don't, you've surely seen
my art-fart side, and how

i blabber on and on in my
own narcissistic way).
i need my sis to level me.
i thank God every day

for her little lip-curl
(it means "i'm on a roll"),
and for her left eyebrow arch
(it means "you're rather droll"),

and for the way she sits
when i've got something big to say --
she's listening and knowing
all the things along our way

that led us both to where we are.
you should ask us sometime.
we'd be more than glad to tell you --
we'll even make it rhyme!

oh yes, i love my sister.
oh yes, you know it's true.
and one more thing you need to know:
we'll lick you at Taboo.

we're here!
we're illiterate!
get used of it!

(sorry -- i just had to use that old joke of ours) :P


  1. ha. sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with her....

  2. my sister is a red-head too, both in hair and mind. love the comparison.

  3. What a blessing to have a sister....just love this Bethany! :-)

  4. i love my sister. she's my life. and if we were all together, i think i might have to take you on for taboo. we're identical. don't be scared.

  5. this made me teary... how i miss you....

  6. This makes me giggle and want a sister of my very own. I do have a brother though and he does have red hair. I wouldn't trade him.

  7. i just found this now... on the 14th! dang it!
    LOVING it... the poem and the life and the sister! :)