Saturday, March 19, 2011

redemption secured... with packing tape

Castle Guard tromps past in sock feet.
he is making his rounds.
i am the Queen; he is my Guardian.

he spots an Intruder (likewise in sock feet).
toy handcuffs enforcing castle law,
Little Brother is taken captive.

plastic snaps and the Intruder escapes.
Queen Mommy is tickled to death.
Toddler-Prince flees for his life.

King Daddy scoops up plastic pieces,
proceeds toward the kitchen cupboard.
a shameful defector's death awaits.

the way is blocked.
with five-year-old hands outstretched,
the Guardian reclaims his broken toy.

picking at the end of the tape,
cutting with safety scissors,
he reflects a new image.

blue eyes beneath furrowed brow,
pink tongue between bared baby teeth,
Castle Guard transforms into Redeemer.

packing tape and a little imagination
hold swapped parts firmly in place.
mission accomplished: redemption secured.


  1. A very evocative piece. I can easily envision the Castle Guard 'tromping past in sock feet'!