Sunday, March 13, 2011

peter's testimony

wouldn't have left it all to follow anyone else.
i'm not like that.
you just have this way of proving yourself to me.

right -- to -- me.

you know me better than i do;
let me tag along anyway.
it means everything.

more than life.

i saw what they did to you,
knew the place where they left you.
felt so sure we all were next.

then you were gone...

that place was empty -- all of a sudden,
you're eating broiled fish, cooking us breakfast.
staring straight into me again.

you know you changed me.

listen, everyone's gonna know about this.
they don't wanna hear it, but i'm not stopping.
this kills, but i'm yours.

who can deny You now?

i'm just another disciple.


  1. i got goose bumps reading this. so evocative and i love the modern day reimagining/language. and the question at the end... knowing he did. oh, GRACE, how great a debtor are we after all.

  2. oh, beautiful. "this kills, but i'm yours." amen.

  3. nice...peter is my man...i relate well to him...great retelling...

  4. wow! what a wonderful way to read Peter's story.
    thank you so much for stopping by today!

  5. you are the coolest. do you know this? and i can't wait to see your bird painting. i prayed for you this week. i love you.

  6. Lovely! I really think you captured a Peter I can relate to here, at the very least...

  7. I think we're all like Peter most times, and I'm grateful for his perseverance and Jesus' grasp.

  8. Your passion for God could inspire an arena! This is amazing Bethany! :-)

  9. The last line nailed it down! Solid!

  10. This was really lovely. I love your re-telling. Thanks so much for stopping by my place. Blessings.