Friday, June 20, 2014

happy birthday to you

you’ve been thirty-five years
(and that’s more than a few),
in a world t'was much duller
before there was you.

you’re fun, strong and loving;
your walk's pure and true.
a man of integrity:
that’s ever-so you.

you’ve never claimed scholarship,
but you’ve half a clue;
and i’ve read worser grammar
before reading you.

i’ve known a few things –
made some wrong guesses, too –
but i knew i done right
when i made you my boo.

we root for arch-enemies;
jerseys red, white and blue;
but our boys are a hat trick!
make a good team, we do.

we’ve been bumped and been bruised,
eaten way too much poo;
but we did it together.
that’s the joy of me and you.

you bring out my beauty;
add light to my view;
help me to paint;
make every day new.

i can’t possibly remember,
but it seems truly true
that the world is much better
ever since there was you.

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful view of your relationship! Wishing you many happy years ahead!!