Wednesday, October 5, 2011

you (for jelly bean)

lashes long and thick -- like long, thick lashes.
hair so silky-soft, it's like silky-soft hair.
you've got me at a loss.

you wrap around me like a koala;
kiss my neck with rosebud lips.
it's all been said before.

artists and poets and choirs of mothers --
they've all sung the praises of their beauties.
video-taped and scrap-booked up the wazoo.

but they haven't got you;
only i do,
and i can't shut up about it.


  1. I love it . . you are smitten! This is precious and makes me realize anew the incredible privilege I have to be not just the momma to six children but to Josh, Daniel, Em, Ben, Joe and Sam. Thank you! And I LOVE the snail :D

  2. Such a beautiful love song. Though I don't know you, or your precious child, I am very grateful that he is growing up so well-loved.
    Many children are not loved well at all and it breaks my heart when I look into their eyes.

    Thank you!

  3. Beautiful. Just. Beautiful. And the picture of your sweet child is priceless.

  4. i don't want this to creep you out, but can i be your daughter? :) love you.

  5. Oh. Yes! A big, fat smiling, yes!
    Lovely words.