Tuesday, October 18, 2011


people who were hurting, You helped.
people who were listening, You taught.
people who were waiting, You encouraged.

the repulsive, You touched.
the weak, You defended.
the lonely, You loved.

those self-righteous jerks who had it all wrapped up,
You yelled at
and kicked down from their sacred inordinations.

people who heard the story, glimpsed the plan,
and worked hard to be a part of it,
You stayed with.

stay with me, Lord Jesus.

stay with us a while.


  1. Amen - i kinda worry he'd be yelling at me...

  2. yes, He always had a perfect response. i wonder what His response would have been toward me?

  3. nice...he is right there with the unlikely heroes of the story...

  4. this is beautiful.

    i always wonder what He would do if He saw me in this place, if He touched me like He did them.

    and then i remember He does. and He does everyday. and i am still loved.

    this is richness, dear one.

  5. lovely...
    stopped by to thank-you for visitng emily at my blog. she's awsome, isn't she?

  6. Jesus comes to each of us, just as we are. Ugly, broken, arrogant, contrite. All we have to do is open our hearts.

  7. oh yes dear Jesus stay with me too. bethany this brought tears. i love you girl. i love your heart. i miss you like heck.

  8. This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.