Tuesday, May 10, 2011

get well soon

my child,
a terrible part of this
is having to turn my head away,
leave your room,
wash you off my hands

my son,
the best part of this
is the bravery in your quiet words
...you feed me love
even as you hunger

knowing i'll be
turning my head away,
leaving your room,
washing you off my hands
...this is the worst part, your knowing

i come back to kiss your hair


  1. putting this with the one of yesterday...i'm hoping that whoever is sick will be doing well soon. I can imagine your mother's heart being very heavy with all of this. love you Beh.

  2. my baby has been hospitalized 3 times since Christmas - tubes, tape, beeping...you hang in there BA - pray and go kiss that head

  3. is everything okay Bethany? Is one of your kids sick?

  4. Oh, Bethany, I quickly scrolled down the last 3 posts...oh dear, I'll be praying for your little one to get well soon!!! (And peace for the mamma.)