Thursday, June 21, 2012

my favourite and my best (for dan)

it's what i love best:

the way you wake so quickly and quietly,
working away before i even know it;

the jobs i've never done in my life
that you do every day, in so many ways;

the mid-morning coffee breaks when we drive
"just a few ringers," and hold hands, and talk;

the little notes that contain fewer and fewer
grammatical mistakes -- they really do;

the way your head finds cover under a couch pillow
so you can wrestle your boys and nap at the same time;

the times you sign "i love you" out the van window
as you're driving off to another place;

how we were both too tired to make that old frying pan joke
on your birthday, but we still think it's funny;

the way you won't just sit on what is right
though you find yourself standing alone;

it's what i love best
that breaks my heart
a little tiny bit,
every day.

but you're my favourite and my best,
and i wouldn't change a thing.


  1. that boy sure is loved... and loveable! if i was different and not married to Josh and you weren't married to Dan, then i might just apply. ;)

  2. Hello friend, it's been a while since I've shared a cup of tea with you, must remedy that! xx

  3. what a lovely post, and i'm sure what a lovely mate. i love mine for so many of the same reasons. such joy in being rightly partnered isn't there? <3

  4. oh girl. the love you and dan share is so rare. i love you guys so much and miss you terribly.