Friday, February 3, 2012

ladder to the moon (for paul and virginia)

there once was a girl with stars in her eyes
and dew drops in her hair.
never said much as she walked dirt roads
and laid her very soul bare.

there once was a girl who sang to the moon
and danced 'til the morning light.
when the thunder crashed and the clouds fell down
she swam every tear that she cried.

now, whether this girl was me or not,
i'll never really know.
i can't quite find the line that divides
the two halves of this one soul.

well, the girl met boys who promised the stars
and gave her pails of sand.
they spilled her paint and broke her guitar
and left her with empty hands.

as the girl walked away from the love and the pain,
her shadow fell across a wall.
and the man standing there with a ladder and a trowel
took her hand and said, "i'm paul."

so she stayed for a moment to watch him work
and they talked of simple things.
and their shadows grew long as the sun shrank down,
and the moon came to hear them sing.

sing songs of faith! sing songs of hope!
sing love that never ends!
take time to walk dirt roads together
and dance in the light, my friends!

lay a firm foundation! raise a home that is strong!
build your life by laying it down.
search out the stars in each other's eyes
where diamonds do abound.

grasp onto grace. hold fast to truth.
shake out the ugly bits.
my heart is in your hands, you know,
i'm trusting you with it.


  1. Did you really post this a day before the wedding? This is the most amazing thing that you could have written, and read at the wedding Bethany. I can't believe that you made it through without crying!!!! What a perfect gift!

  2. So good - really authentic piece. Rare...