Tuesday, December 6, 2011

skyscraper sigh

i live in a world of smokestack elevators --
the glory of man, scraping a sky he longs to control.
borrows recklessly and lends like a villain, that ugly man does.

i live in a world of soggy stilettos and lipstick cigarettes --
the beauty of woman, cellophaned and stocked upon shelves.
consume herself to death, that poor woman will.

the voice on the line calls me "Valued Customer,"
but i can't make out her name, half a world away
and getting paid far less than is legal around here.

i'm told, "Spend Less. Live Better," then i'm phased out.
the signs say, "Shop Local" and, "Made in China,"
and, "Do Not Pay* 'til 2013!"  always, an *.

i sigh.  i sit.
i sit on my couch -- just over a year old, splitting at the seams.
i sit on my couch's expired warranty.

i sigh.

think i'll sit on emily's couch instead.


  1. we live in a strange world

    lipstick cigarettes...yes. Such a great image.

  2. when i got done i sighed as well...all too real...

    lots of cliche thoughts out there and temptation to consume...i would rather just be with people honestly...

  3. oh friend. i sigh with you. i love this post. i love the angst you feel, it's an angst i live with each day. the paradox of a broken world. xo

  4. I like your poetry, it rises above the yuck. I mean that.

  5. Great write. This phrase "scraping a sky he longs to control" - Yes. I hear your sigh, and wonder ...

  6. Thank you for your visit and getting it.