Tuesday, September 6, 2011


he wets the bed, four year old
an evening sullied

he draws a bubble bath, his daddy
love poured warmly

i scrub the mattress cussing, his mommy
annoyance overtired

he is Christ to a four year old, his daddy
not i, tear-streaked knocked-down

i dry my porcelain face
to kiss his

be honest.


  1. Umm yeah i get this. It was my husband that taught me patience. God bless the godly man.

  2. smiles. and we all have those days...so remember a bit of grace for yourself...

  3. How strikingly similar to the way I was feeling last night. Mine was 8:30ish, and I wrote mine out as well. So good to see Jesus in those moments when you are not. Being Jesus, that is.

  4. Being a mommy is such a hard job. You are doing it well as any.

  5. hang in there. . . and yes, plenty of grace for yourself. the trenches are the hardest place to live day after day. but also the most rewarding, i think.

  6. oh how I've lived these night...3 sons

    and you have a mother's wisdom in that kiss

  7. I have those moments daily, Bethany! I'm so glad for my forgiving son...he hears me apologize to him regularly. I think you get more "chances" to die to self as a parent than doing anything else. It's hard!
    ps. mattress covers are expensive but SOOO worth it!

  8. There's so much opportunity for learning of love and redemption as a momma. You reveal the sacred beauty in the raw and ordinary through your honesty.

  9. key - be first to the bath so as to avoid the urine! and...you're hot; that's all that really matters : ) love ya. keep up the good work.

  10. oh friend. that's why we need husbands. :) i love that you dried your face to kiss his. such love, even in your cussing... :)

  11. love this. been there. could have written this. oh the grace of daddy-love and Abba-love!