Wednesday, July 27, 2011

our coming song (for andrea)

i have no words of wisdom,
no cure to end this pain;
i only wish to be with you
and cry into the rain.

but where i stand, the earth is dry;
the sun will not relent.
i search the empty sky until
my energy is spent.

i'll cry my tears and let the wind
carry them to you;
then when the rain does come,
we'll feel heaven crying, too.

we'll share this sorrow as we make
our journey, ever long;
for present pain adds tender notes
to our coming song.


  1. "for present pain adds future notes" - the whole post is so poetic. It was full of grace's a poem but I would heart to have written about me – that's how much I hearted it. Thank you for this Bethany Ann. It was awfully lyrical and sweet. God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours this day.

  2. Andrea...

    what an authentic post/poem

    thanks for visiting my good friend the Human Paradox.