Thursday, January 20, 2011

bringing a shine

this afternoon,
you begged for icicles
from the school roof.
(single-storey. snowbank nearby. worth a try.)

so i leapt,
fell, laughed,
made children shuffle
and parents say, "come on, let's go."

you took those broken icicles home,
played with them,
and shone all evening long.
(i posted this so i'd remember)

bringing this to my friend Emily's place.
thanking Daniel Jay for inspiring me to change bits to second-person.


  1. that's the best of motherhood i think...goofy moments that are etched in memory!


  2. Yes, the goofiness balances out the less than at your best moments--those that you can't be a mother and not have. (Grandmas need to be goofy also--I have 5 grandchildren and 1 on the way).

    I enjoyed the way you wrote it--the second-person-and the vagueness of it--enchanting.

  3. ack, gorgeous! you shone all evening long...

    bethany, this post shines. and i love that daniel jay inspired you. what a community this is. i'm so grateful. i love you.

  4. These are the memories that they will cherish always.....:-)

  5. "so i leapt,
    fell, laughed," oh...what a good mama, willing to leap from solid ground toward beauty...all for her child...

  6. And what a great memory it turned out to be! I especially like the unique identifiers used in line four, giving us details beyond emotion, placing us there with you. Great poem:)

  7. So sweet. I could see this and love how you made it so visual. I agree with Daniel Jay's comment- loved line 4. Thanks for the smile and the reminder to capture these moments so we don't forget.